D.A.N.'s Hows & Whys

Well, everyone asks questions, right? This page is a list of questions that will only get longer. Each question is a link to the answer to the question asked, unless I didn't have time to get to it. If there's a question bothering you about the universe, Earth, life itself, feel free to ask me a question via contact form here. I'll give my best to research the topic that is bothering you and give the answer here.

Beginner Questions

Why is sky blue?

Why is Mars called the Red Planet

Why when you jump you get back to Earth and not fly toward the Sun?

How come we haven't heard from aliens yet?

Why haven't we been back to the Moon since 1972?

Could there be a body of mass so huge, entire galaxy circles around it?

Had Einstein really let his construction workers build two different-sized doors for his two different-sized cats?

Did you know that even if you are just sitting or standing/walking right now, compared to some other celestial body, you could be moving very fast?

Why is Pluto not a planet anymore?

Did you know that we always, and I mean always, look into the past? Seriously, you live out of sync with everyone and everything you know.

Did you know that we also only hear sounds that have already happened in our past?

Advanced Questions

How come Earth is round and not, let's say... a cube?

Why does a coin fall down at the same speed as a feather on the surface of the Moon?

How come does the Moon circle the Earth without falling down on it?

Are we really made out of stardust?

Is there a Theory of Everything?

What is the Great Attractor?

Was Newton wrong or just not right enough?

Was Einstein wrong?

Did life on Earth originate from some other planet i.e. Mars?

Are there more than three spacial dimensions?

Are there, like, 10 spacial dimensions?

Did you know that by the time you finish reading this sentence, billions of particles will fly through your body like bullets fly through the fog?

What is solar wind made of?